STERIDRAPE 1020 40CM X 40CM (10)

STERIDRAPE 1020 40CM X 40CM (10)
STERIDRAPE 1020 40CM X 40CM (10)
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Unit: Box of 10
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Steri-DrapeĀ™ Small clear polyethylene drape with a centrally placed Adhesive Aperture (9,9cm x 12,5cm). Overall: 40cm x 40cm. 10 Drapes/Box,
Adhesive Aperture Drape made from clear polyethylene with a matte finish
Strong polyethylene film, resistant to fluid strike through, withstands heavy manipulation during use
Material exceeds all high performance, critical area requirements of EN13795
Drape can be used for a variety of procedures.
With adhesive which keeps the drape in place. The adhesive does not leave residues on skin or gloves
Matte finish reduces glare from drape surface
Latex-free for patient and healthcare worker safety
Meets flammability class 1 (CFR Title 16 Part 1610).