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Capital Medical Supplies stocks a wide range of wound closure items. One of our bestsellers is Steri-Strip by 3M. It comes in a variety of sizes: 12 X 100, 12 X 50, 3 X 75, 6 X 75 and others. Benefits: Consist of a porous, non-woven base coated with a low-allergenic, acrylic adhesive; Reinforced with nylon threads; Reduce the traumatization of the skin; Individual packaging of sheets with sterile strips; Does not contain latex. Applications: For atraumatic closure of minor wounds and incisions healing by primary tension; For reduction of wound edges and stabilisation of fresh postoperative scars.

CMS also has Histoacryl® skin glue. In addition to traditional suturing with threads, surgeons can also use this glue for tissues. The formation of varicose veins of the oesophagus and stomach is a frequent and formidable complication of portal hypertension. Their effective sclerosing is possible with Histoacryl® skin glue. Benefits: Quick wound closure; The antibacterial barrier protects the skin; Excellent cosmetic result; Easy to use.

And last but not least, LeukoStrip by Smith & Nephew. It's perfect for secure and low-allergy wound closure. Capital Medical Supplies stocks LeukoStrip in different sizes, such as 26 x 102, 4 x 38, 6.4 x 102, 4 x 38 and others.

Find even more wound closure products of the following brands in this category: 3M, BRAUN, ETHION, MULTIGATE, SMITH & NEPHEW 


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