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All temperature measurement methods are divided into contact, based on heat transfer to a device measuring temperature by direct contact, and non-contact, when heat transfer to the device is carried out by radiation through an intermediate medium, usually through the air. Accordingly, there're contact and non-contact temperature measuring devices (thermometers).

One of our bestsellers is Braun Thermoscan PRO6000. It's accurate, secure, comfortable and fast-reading. All you need to do is insert Thermoscan into the ear. We recommend purchasing Braun Thermoscan Prove Covers for more comfortable and sterile use.

Another popular product is THERMOMETER FOREHEAD Infrared Alphamed. It's an essential item, especially during a pandemic. This non-contact thermometer is an effective and safe device based on radiation technology in the infrared electromagnetic spectrum. Moreover, the infrared thermometer is highly hygienic. It does not need to contact skin, liquids or other surfaces to get an accurate result. 

Capital Medical Supplies stocks SureTemp® Plus 690 thermometer. It's intuitive and easy to use. SureTemp reduces the risk of cross-contamination due to replaceable caps and provides more reliable results with increased accuracy. Benefits: Ergonomic design; High shock resistance; Comfortable to hold; Easy to use.

If you're more interested in simpler thermometers, then THERMOMETER DIG ORAL OMRON or SURGIPACK DIGITAL THERMOMETER is perfect for you.

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