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A syringe is a medical instrument used for injection, diagnostic procedures, punctures, and suction of fluids from cavities. Syringes vary by volume, purpose and design features. At Capital Medical Supplies, you can find low-volume, standard and large-volume syringes.

Low-volume syringes (0.3, 0.5 and 1 ml) such as SYRINGE 1ML INS WITH 27G X 1/2″ NEEDLE BX100, SYRINGE 1ML LUER LOCK (100), SYRINGE 1ML SLIP LOW DEAD SPACE BX100, SYRINGE INS 0.3ML 29G X 1/2, SYRINGE INS 0.5ML & 27G X 1/2′ B100 are used for the precise administration of a drug. Usually, it's an insulin syringe, a tuberculin syringe, a vaccination one and others. 

Syringes of standard volume (2-30 ml) such as Syringe 20ML Luer Slip – Eccentric nozzle BX100 MULTIGATE, SYRINGE 3ML & 23G X 32MM BD BOX100, SYRINGE 10ML ECCENTRIC, MONOJECT 12ML SYRINGE CVD TIP BX50 are very common, as they are used for all types of injections (subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous).

Syringes of large volume (50-150 ml) such as SYRINGE 60ML CATHETER TIP (20), SYRINGE 60ML ENFIT S/U ENTERAL FEEDING BX10 are not used for injection directly. However, such syringes are necessary for dosing drugs, rinsing cavities, suctioning liquids, and feeding through a probe.

CMS also stocks Blood Collection Bags, for example, BLOOD COLLECTION BAGS EA DRY & 16g NEEDLE 450ML.

In the Syringes category, you can find the products of the following brands:  BECTON & DICKINSON, CARDINAL HEALTH, FRESENIUS KABI,  LIVINGSTON, MULTIGATE, TERUMO, THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC


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