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The medical suture material is surgical threads designed to connect tissues cut during surgery or injury. A scar or epithelium forms at the suture site after a while. Surgical threads are an essential element of the operation. The speed of wound healing and the patient's recovery depends on their quality and the suture material. 

Capital Medical Supplies stocks a variety of sutures made from different materials. One of our bestsellers is a nylon suture, such as SUTURE NYLON 4/0 STRAIGHT NDL 60MM, SUTURE NYLON 5/0 12MM R/C 45CM BX36, SUTURE NYLON 4/0 DEMETECH 24MM R/C 75CM BX12 and others. 

Nylon is a nonabsorbable synthetic monofilament suture material. It has high tensile strength and is nonabsorbable. It is applicable in plastic surgery, ophthalmology, and microsurgery. Made by extrusion from polyamide (6.0 and 6.6) with a uniform diameter along the entire length, Causes minimal tissue reaction, Non-Absorbable material, Over time it is encapsulated by connective tissue.

Another popular suture material is gut sutures It can fix tissues for 7-15 days, enzymatically splitting for about 70 days. In some cases, they add chromium salts during the production of threads to increase the time of resorption and reaction. Such sutures hold wounds twice as long and split for about 90 days.

CMS stocks a wide range of Chromic Gut Sutures: CHROMIC TIES 0 (36), SUTURE CHROMIC CATGUT 3/0 27″ BX36, SUTURE CHROMIC GUT TIES 2/0 150CM, SUTURE CHROMIC GUT 4/0 70CM BX36;

We provide Ethilon Sutures, Ethibond Sutures, Dermalon Sutures, Monocryl Sutures, and even more. 

There're also Polypropylene Sutures, such as SUTURE POLYPROPYLENE 3/0 TP 1/2 Circ HR 20mm 75cm or SUTURE POLYPROPYLENE 4/0 3/8 CIRC 19MM 75CM BX12.

This monofilament material doesn't dissolve and provides sufficiently high strength, almost complete inertia, and the absence of sawing and wick properties. It is used in endoscopic surgery with the priority of reactogenicity — for example, fixing vascular sutures. 

Feel free to explore this category to find products of the following brands:  BRAUN,  BYDAND MEDICAL,  COVIDIEN-MEDTRONIC,  DEMETECH,  ETHION.


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