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Capital Medical Supplies provides a wide range of scales and weighing. Weight is considered one of the leading indicators from the first days of a child's life, which shows how the development occurs, whether a child receives the necessary minerals and vitamins, and breast or supplemental nutrition. The lack of weight gain should alert parents. Therefore, the weight is monitored at every appointment with a paediatrician. But if you don't want to wait a long time for the next appointment with the doctor, you should get a home scale - SCALE BABY SECA 354. It's an efficient, convenient device that saves everyone's time.

Scales for kids are the same household appliance as many other devices in the house. They differ from standard scales in a special shape or a cradle bowl, in which the child feels as comfortable and cosy as possible. At CMS, you can find a variety of electronic scales for babies, such as SCALE BABY DIGITAL 20KG ADE- 5G GRADUATIONS, SCALE SECA BABY DIGITAL and SCALE BABY SECA 354. Some of the features: Accurate; Multifunctional; Quick; Bright electronic display; Modern and stylish.

Besides that, there's BABY MEASURING MAT. It's perfect for easy, precise measurement of the length of babies and toddlers. If you're a paediatrician or midwife, this item is a great find for you. Measuring: 10-99cm; Graduations: 5mm.

Capital Medical Supplies also stocks various column scales with/without integrated measuring rods. One of our bestsellers is SCALE COLUMN SECA 703 ELECT 300KG & HEIGHT MEASURE. It allows obtaining weight, height and BMI accurately and quickly and is suitable for all ages. The scale allows measurement of up to 300 kg. There's also SCALE COLUMN SECA 703 ELECT 300KG. If you usually work with young people that don't weigh as much, maybe you'll be more interested in SCALE SECA UPRIGHT ELECTRONIC 200K & HEIGHT MEASURE. Features: Capacity - 200 kg / 450 lbs / 32 sts; Versatile; Low-maintenance; Site-independent; Equipped with several intelligent functions.

CMS offers scales for home use as well, such as OMRON MODEL BCC100-BK BODY COMPOSITION SCALE BLACK or SCALE SECA 803 BLACK 150KG DIGITAL. It's easy to use, accurate and digital.

In the Scales & Weighing category, you can find products of the following brands: BSN MEDICAL-ESSITY, BYDAND MEDICAL, ECOMED, MEDELEQ, SPECIALIST MEDICAL SERVICES.


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