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Capital Medical Supplies stocks a variety of different products for safety and protection. For example, there are several safety glasses types, such as BOLLE SAFETY GLASSES CLEAR, HOGIES PROTECTIVE GLASSES CLEAR and HOGIES PROTECTIVE GLASSES TINTED.

Protective medical glasses are necessary for medical professionals and are perfect for protection against: Splashes of biological fluids (blood, pus, urine, lymph, amniotic fluid during emergency caesarean section, etc.); Chemicals; Medicines; Flying fragments and dust (for example, during operations with bone sawing). 

You can also find Cytotoxic Body Fluid Spill Kit In Bag ZeoMed at CMS. It protects the staff from all the potentially infectious body fluids and contamination. The Kit contains cleaning cloths, a protective gown, a face mask with an eye shield, a chemosorb pad, cable ties, and more. 

One of our bestsellers is EMERGENCY SPACE BLANKET. Such a blanket is designed to protect against excessive heat and cold in emergency cases. It's made of a thin film of polyethylene terephthalate coated with a metallized reflective material (usually golden and silver colour), which reflects up to 80% of the heat radiated by the body. The blanket is produced by spraying a thin layer of aluminium on a film base, for example, mylar. We recommend purchasing this item as a part of any survival equipment or for shock treatment.

And last but not least - NAJO Lite SPINAL BOARD. It's a piece of high-quality medical equipment used for rescue purposes and is used to move patients who have received a back injury or have certain problems with the musculoskeletal system. The spinal board makes patient transport more convenient and safer. Angled edges, 22 hand hold positions and a tapered foot end provide excellent handgrip comfort as well as limitless lift and handling options in industrial settings or confined spaces.

In this category, CMS stocks products of the following brands: FERNO, SENTRY MEDICAL

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