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Resuscitation actions are essential to bringing a person back to life, restoring the work of organs, and ensuring that the body begins to function fully. The intensive care inpatient unit has a narrow specialisation. One of its primary patients is people whose condition is critical at the moment, with severe injuries, diseases, and after surgery and anaesthesia. Successfully completed resuscitation is almost impossible without the professional hands of qualified specialists and high-quality medical equipment for resuscitation. 

Capital Medical Supplies stocks a wide range of Disposable Resuscitators. It comes in Adult, Infant and Child sizes. Some key features: High-quality; Cost-effectiveness; Meets ISO ASTM resuscitation bag standards; 100% latex-free. The package contains: a pressure relief valve; Pressure monitoring port; Flow diverter for the PEEP valve connection; Air cushion mask; Oxygen supply tubing.

One of our most convenient and useful products in this category is Resuscitator Oxygen Multi-Kit. It includes all the essential items you need during an emergency: Six therapy masks (3 child and 3 adult ones); Mask with the oxygen outlet; Multiflow regulator 0.25-25 LPM for C cylinder; an Extension hose; Adult resuscitator; Airways in different sizes; Cylinder key wheel.

At CMS, you can also find MANIKIN CPR BASIC BUDDY designed for mastering the life-saving techniques of CPR. Such manikins are widely used for educational purposes in the courses of paramedics and nurses, in driving schools, medical colleges and universities. With the help of dummies, you can work out various skills necessary for doctors and secondary medical personnel: examination, treatment, emergency care, patient care. There's also Mouth Bags for Manikin CPR Basic Buddy if needed.

Capital Medical Supplies provides I-GEL LARYNGEAL RESUS PACK. It comes in sizes Large, Medium and Small. I-gel® is a unique disposable epiglottic duct of the second generation. Ideal for use in anesthesiology and emergency care. I-gel® is the culmination of many years of intensive research and development. It is made of a special thermoplastic medical material. Moreover, it has a non-blown gel-shaped cuff that mirrors the larynx structures, which allows for complete tightness and avoids injury to the respiratory tract from compression. I-Gel Laryngeal Resus Pack contains: an epiglottic duct of the second generation; an easily removable protective cover containing a sachet with a water-soluble lubricant; a strap-retainer for the duct; a gastric probe. The kit is packed in a single transparent sterile package. 

You can find even more essential products from the following brands in this category: AXIS PACIFIC, BOSCO, FERNO, MULTIGATE, PARAGON-AXIS HEALTH, SENTRY MEDICAL


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