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Capital Medical Supplies provides a wide range of razors for medical use. The surgical razors are mainly designed to shave patients' surgical fields in preparation for various surgical interventions and procedures. The razor consists of a plastic handle and sharp metal blades.

Some of the features of these razors are: special comb-like protrusions that allow you to use it for shaving the hair of any length and density; sharp blades are closed with a transparent plastic cover, which eliminates the possibility of accidental injury on the cutting surface.

BIC MEDICAL PREP RAZOR is disposable, safe to use, and does not pose a threat of deep cuts. It comes in a package of 12. Specifications: disposable; the blades are made of high-quality stainless steel; colour: Blue; 12 pieces per pack.

Another popular product is RAZOR PREP KAI SINGLE BLADE. It's perfect for clean and easy surgical preparation. CMS also stocks 3M™ Clipper Starter Kit. The package includes Blade Clipper and Charger. Benefits: Easy to clean;

A simple removal of all types of hair; Reducing the risk of the infection; Recommended by AORN, APIC, and CDC; Ideal for pre-op hair removal. You can purchase Blade Clipper and Charger separately from the Kit if needed.

In this category, you can also find such products as RAZOR DOUBLE EDGE S/S KAI PREP and RAZOR FEATHER PREP. Capital Medical Supplies provides razors and additional parts of the following brands: 3M, SPECIALIST MEDICAL SERVICES, BIC


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