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Capital Medical Supplies provides a wide range of specific products for asthma. PEAK FLOW M/WRIGHT BREATH ALERT, an inexpensive portable device for people suffering from asthma, is used to measure how freely air leaves the lungs. Regular measurement of peak expiratory velocity with this device plays a vital role in controlling asthma symptoms and preventing asthma attacks. It has a high range of up to 800L/Min and complies with all major international standards for accuracy, reliability, and repeatability (Australia, NZ, USA, EU). 

There's also PEAK FLOW METER BREATH ALERT with a lower range. CMS also provides reusable mouthpieces for peak flows that can be easily cleaned or sterilised - MOUTHPIECES SAFETY & 1 WAY VALVE 30mm. It comes in a box of 200.

And last but not least, The Volumatic Spacer Device. It's designed to lengthen the inhaler's mouthpiece and effectively direct the medicine into the lungs. The spacer is a valve chamber that holds the aerosol inside for a short time. When the patient inhales, the valve opens and releases the substance.

These remedies are incredibly convenient for young children and patients of any age who are prescribed inhalations with corticosteroids, also called steroids.

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