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Medical instruments are auxiliary devices used in all areas of healthcare to perform diagnostic, therapeutic measures, and surgical interventions. The fields of application, ophthalmology, dentistry, paediatrics, urology, traumatology, phlebology, etc., are distinguished. There are two main categories of disconnecting, auxiliary, connective, and hemostatic equipment:

Reusable medical instruments: devices are subject to physical-chemical sterilisation after each application. These are metal, plastic clips, needle holders, probes, scissors, tweezers, cannulas, and scalpels.

Disposable medical instruments: materials that cannot be reused for their intended purpose and need to be disposed of. Among the advantages of single-use tools is quick preparation for use, cost, safety, guaranteed sterility, and diversity. 

The use of disposable medical instruments is advisable when the staff of a clinic, commercial medical centre, or an ambulance team does not have time to process the products or the purification procedure or when disinfection is not possible for other reasons.

Capital Medical Supplies provides a wide range of forceps for different purposes. For example: ADSON FORCEP 1X2 TEETH 12CM REUSABLE; ADSON FORCEP PLAIN 12CM MICRO REUSABLE; ALLIS FORCEPS 4 X 5 15CM; ADSON TISSUE FORCEPS 12CM 1X2TH T/C REUSABLEBABCOCK FORCEPS 16CM.

Another useful item is Buck Ear Curettes. It comes in several sizes: 0, 1, and 3. You can also find products for everyday use in this category — for example, NAIL CLIPPER NARROW DOUBLE LEAF SPRING STAINLESS or CILIA FORCEPS DOUGLAS

Medical Forceps and holders include instruments with the functional purpose of compression, capture, biting, fixation, and transfer of tissues, objects, and materials. The nomenclature range of forceps is quite broad. The number of varieties reaches a value of 100 names. The scope and purpose determine the classification of forceps. 

Here are some examples: Surgical forceps (like NEEDLE HOLDER MINI-GILLIES T/C 12CM RIGHT HANDED or MATHIEU NEEDLE HOLDER 14CM T/C). In general surgical practice, they are widely used to perform manipulations related to surgical intervention in hollow organs, soft tissues, etc.; Bone forceps (such as LISTON BONE CUTTING FORCEP 17CM). It is an indispensable assistant when performing surgical interventions on bone tissues for such procedures as biting bone or cartilage tissue; Ear forceps (for example, FORCEPS EAR TROELTSCH/WILDE). When performing surgical interventions, they are used as an auxiliary tool for inserting/removing cotton swabs into the ear cavity or removing foreign objects.

Capital Medical Supplies stocks a broad range of different products brands in this category for surgical and non-surgical use: AXIS PACIFIC, BRAUN,  BYDAND MEDICAL, PARAGON-AXIS HEALTH 


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