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Medical trays, containers, and kidney dishes are essential for every doctor. Stainless steel trays are used for various therapeutic and preventive procedures such as storing instruments in medical institutions or storing products in the food industry.

Capital Medical Supplies stock includes Stainless Bowls in different sizes: 100 dia x 50mm, 120 dia x 60mm, and 80 dia x 40mm. You can also find in this category Stainless Steel Tray with Lid. Such trays are used in gynaecology, surgery, dentistry, and other medical departments.

Kidney dishes: The dishes have the shape of a kidney, which is traditional for similar products globally. Such a shape is the most convenient for carrying out various medical manipulations and placing different piercing and cutting objects. The dishes are resistant to disinfectant solutions and high temperatures. At CMS, you can find kidney dishes made of plastic, disposable cardboard, and stainless steel. All the products come in different sizes and colours. For example, there's KIDNEY DISH PLASTIC 200MM  in blue and KIDNEY DISH PLASTIC 220MM in green colour.

The kidney-shaped tray is used in medicine for storage and placement of instruments; the distribution of medicines; collecting various biological fluids; the issuance and storage of thermometers, pipettes, etc.; to maintain sterility in operating rooms; sterilisation of medical instruments and consumables.

We also recommend purchasing MEDICINE MEASURE 30ML PLASTIC since there's always a need to precisely measure different liquids and solutions.

CMS provides a wide range of different products brands in this category: BYDAND MEDICAL, DEFRIES, DOUGLAS BEAN, MULTIGATE, MULTIGATE DEVICES, SENTRY MEDICAL.


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