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Height & Body Measuring

Capital Medical Supplies stocks a wide range of different measuring devices. There is a whole collection of products for babies measurements, such as:

BABY / CHILD HEIGHT MEASURING ROD: Portable mechanical altimeter; Approved as a medical device; For babies and children from 100 to 1000 mm tall; Large guide surfaces make it easier to work with the device (alignment, shift, reading); The rod can be disassembled for compact storage.

BABY MEASURING MAT 10-99CM ADE: A compact and straightforward solution for measuring the growth of a child; Lightweight and accessible transportation; Well thought out design with easy assembly; Accurate results.

BABY HEAD MEASURING TAPE RETRACTABLE ADE: Practical retractable mechanism; A tape measure with continuous extension; Useful diagnostic tool.

In this category, you can also find Height Measure Rods and Stands. For example, HEIGHT MEASURE PORTABLE ON STAND 2 METRE is perfect for use in healthcare facilities. 

Capital Medical Supplies stocks measuring tapes, such as TAPE MEASURING SECA 201 or MEASURE TAPE RETRACTABLE 1.5MTR ea.

You can find products of the following brands in the Height & Body Measuring category: AXIS PACIFIC, BYDAND MEDICAL, ECOMED, MEDELEQ


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