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A glucometer is a device for measuring glucose levels in organic liquids (blood, liquor, etc.) Glucometers are used to diagnose the state of carbohydrate metabolism in people with diabetes mellitus. It helps to determine the glucose level in the blood. Based on the data obtained, necessary measures are taken to compensate for violations of carbohydrate metabolism. 

There are several measurement methods. Recently, portable blood glucose metres have become widespread for taking measurements at home. It is enough to put a drop of blood on a disposable indicator plate installed in a glucose oxidase biosensor. Then after a few seconds, the concentration of glucose in the blood (glycemia) is known. The glycemic norms vary for different laboratories, methods, and devices. Blood glucose levels are measured by glucose metres using disposable test strips. Each manufacturer produces unique test strips for its glucometer, which are compatible only with a specific model.

At Capital Medical Supplies, you can find one of the most easy-to-use glucometer models, for example, Accu-Chek Instant S GLUCOMETER UNIT EA. All you need to do is insert a test strip and apply a blood drop. Shortly after that, the blood glucose result shows on display. Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer Strips BX50 is a necessity when purchasing a glucometer. Benefits: You can personalise therapy goals to track your condition; Easy-to-use; Test strips are easy to handle and easy-edged, providing a wider blood application area and making the whole process simpler and quicker; Guaranteed accuracy; You can easily transfer your results to a computer via USB;

When getting new strips, we recommend taking a test to check if they work properly. For that, you'll need ACCU-CHEK Instant S Control Solution. You can perform such tests whenever you're unsure of the results or the condition of the strips. CMS also stocks ACCU-CHEK GUIDE GLUCOMETER METER. One of the most useful features of this model is the wireless connection to the compatible smartphone. You won't need any paper diaries anymore since this glucometer allows you to have essential information on hand wherever you go. 

Along with ACCU-CHEK GUIDE GLUCOMETER METER, you'll need Accu-Chek Guide Glucose Strips Pk100

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