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Sterile gloves are used for medical procedures that require a particular, increased level of protection from pathogenic microflora (for example, during operations). They are processed specially and placed in a denser package with a unique extraction method. Non-sterile gloves still have a high level of protection but are used for simpler manipulations: medical examinations, cosmetic procedures, etc.

Gloves are also divided into powdered and unpowdered models. A lot depends on the scope and time of use. Since the powder remains the strongest absorbent that attracts and retains microorganisms, powdered gloves are not suitable for use for a long time but are very popular during short-term manipulations.

The easiest way to classify medical gloves is by the type of material they are made of. Capital Medical Supplies stocks a wide variety of latex, nitrile, and vinyl gloves.

Latex gloves: Latex gloves are mainly used for protection in medicine and industry. They have high strength, extensibility, elasticity levels, provide reliable contact of gloves with the skin, and, most importantly, have a much higher tactile sensitivity than gloves made of other materials. Another advantage of natural latex is that it decomposes quickly enough without harming the environment. Latex gloves are not resistant to the effects of oils, alcohols, or esters. But in some people, they can cause allergic reactions to the proteins contained in natural latex.

Such gloves are suitable for work where tactile sensations are needed: all types of diagnostic procedures, examinations, and patient care, in dentistry. Like nitrile gloves, they are often used in manufacturing enterprises: in pharmaceuticals, and when working with food. Latex gloves have proved indispensable in veterinary clinics, where there is no need for prolonged contact with animals. Still, the requirements for the sterility of the doctor are very high. You can find the following latex gloves at CMS: GLOVE DERMACLEAN P/F LATEX, GLOVE EXTEND Long Cuff Latex PF 300mm - DOUBLE, HLORINATED, GLOVE LATEX NO/PO N/S SENSICLEAN BX100, GLOVE LATEX P/F LONG CUFF BX100, GLOVE LATEX P/FREE EXAM GEL BX100, GLOVE LATEX POWDER FREE B100, GLOVE LATEX POWDER REE FLEXI BX100, GLOVE LATEX SafeTouch UltraGrip PF BX100

Nitrile gloves: Nitrile gloves are recommended if you are allergic to latex, as they are made of synthetic materials. At the moment, there are both sterile and non-sterile models.

Nitrile gloves are convenient to hold instruments and examine patients. In addition, nitrile is much more resistant to chemical compounds and reagents than latex, making it possible to use such gloves when working in aggressive environments. Such gloves are used to perform work in dentistry and outpatient departments: they are used for examination, blood sampling, laboratory tests, dental treatment, and therapeutic procedures.

Also, nitrile gloves are actively used in various manufacturing enterprises, food and cosmetics production, and hotel businesses. In cosmetology, they are very convenient to carry out many procedures: peeling, applying masks, cleansing the skin since the material is resistant to oil compounds. In addition, beauty industry workers are attracted by the colour solutions of such gloves. Nitrile gloves have also found their usage in everyday life. They are convenient for cleaning an apartment, working on a garden plot, and during minor repairs because they perfectly protect the skin from dirt and chemicals without causing irritation or drying.

One of CMS's most popular nitrile gloves is GLOVE BLACK NITRILE SAFETOUCH (100). Also, there's GLOVE NISENSE 300 NITRILE NO/PDR LONG CUFF MED BX100, GLOVE NITRILE BLACK – BLACKWOLF CTN 10 X 100, and others.

Vinyl gloves: Vinyl gloves are pretty cheap, but they have one significant drawback: they are easily permeable to any proteins (including blood proteins) and microorganisms, which does not allow them to be used even for short-term examination of patients. Vinyl gloves have found their application in maintaining a proper level of sanitation. Disposable vinyl gloves receive good reviews from employees of hairdressers, beauty salons, and cosmetology, as they prevent direct contact of aggressive substances with the skin of the hands. The products can also be used when working with food additives. You can find such gloves at CMS, for example, GLOVE VINYL NO POWDER (100) and GLOVE VINYL P/FREE N/S MED 100

Also, we recommend purchasing glove dispensers such as DISPENSER GLOVE 3 TIER UNIVERSAL EA or DISPENSER GLOVE ANSELL METAL WALL MOUNT SINGLE



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