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Did you know that a Snellen chart is the most common chart used abroad to check visual acuity? The table (diagram) was named after the Dutch ophthalmologist Hermann Snellen, who developed it in 1862. This table contains rows of uppercase letters called optotypes (English test types); the size of the letters decreases from row to row in the direction from top to bottom. Capital Medical Supplies provides several different eye charts: Eye Chart Direct / Indirect , Eye Chart Illiterate 3m, Eye Chart Snellins 3m / 6m, Eye Chart Snellins Child Animals 6m

The largest letters are located in the top row of the table. They are of such a size that they can easily be read by a person with normal vision from a distance of 60 metres. A person with normal vision can easily read the lines of letters located below from a distance of 36, 24, 18, 12, 9, 6, and 5 metres, respectively. The person whose eyesight is being checked sits down at a distance of 6 metres from the table and closes one eye while reading the letters from the table with the other. If he can read only the lines located above the line, which a person with normal vision can easily read from a distance of 12 metres, then his visual acuity is expressed as 6/12. People with normal vision can read one of the lower lines of letters from a distance of 6 metres. That is, normal visual acuity is considered 6/6. Many people can also read a line that a well-seeing person reads from a distance of 5 metres. Smaller versions of this table, which are based on the same principle as used in the development of its usual version, can be used to check a person's near vision.

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