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Capital Medical Supplies provides a wide range of cleaning products for hospital and personal use. It's perfect for washing surfaces, disinfecting medical equipment, and securing waste. Bin Clinical Waste and Bag Garbage Black are great for maintaining a clean environment.  

CMS also has several different wipe types: Alcohol Surface Wipe, Alcohol Wipe PDI Sanicloth, Bath in Bed Wipe, Clinell Sporicidal Wipes, and even more. 

Bag Contam Waste Yell 40L, Contaminated Waste 240L yellow – Ctn/150, and Bag Contam Waste Yell 70 X 100CM are specially designed for collecting and disposing of contaminated waste.

One of our bestsellers is Dermalux soft towel lotion 5L. It's therapeutically beneficial, increases patient comfort, is user- and environmentally friendly, and economical. The primary purpose of Dermalux soft towel lotion is to cleanse the skin. Its mild, natural, and organic nature calms the skin and reduces inflammation or dryness. It also balances the skin's pH levels. The lotion is ideal for post-surgical, hospital in-patients, and aged care residents.

CMS provides cleaning products for personal use as well. Garbage Bag Kitchen Tidy is an essential part of every household. At the same time, Spray Bottle Trigger Action Empty 750ML is widely diverse. You can fill it up with any cleaning solutions or fill it with water to refresh your plants. It's suitable for offices, houses and public places.

Instrumax Pink Spray 500ml is the only Australia-approved instrument grade disinfectant, low level. It kills a broad range of pathogenic bacteria and reduces the risk of cross-infection. Moreover, you can use it on non-critical medical devices such as stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, etc.

Another useful product for you is Medizyme 500ML. It's highly effective when removing blood and other protein deposits. You won't need any other cleaning equipment, which minimises the effort and time. Medizyme is perfect for ultrasonic or manual cleaning.


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