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The blood pressure cuff for the tonometer fixes the arm during blood pressure measurement. The correct size ensures the accuracy of the results. There are cuffs for wrist and shoulder tonometers. The size of the blood pressure cuffs varies:

It would be best to keep in mind that the cuff and the tonometer must be of the same brand. 

Capital Medical Supplies also provides individual parts for such as Tubing Connectors (Female and Male), OMRON Adaptors (for example, OMRON A/C ADAPTOR), Desk Mount (like PROBP 3400 DESK MOUNT), and Wall Mount Kits (OMRON WALL MOUNT KIT FOR HEM907) and even more. 

A Rubber Inflation Bulb is essential if you're using a mechanical tonometer. CMS stocks several different bulbs, for example, RIESTER SPHYGMO BULB & AIR RELEASE VALVE or SPHYGMO RUBBER INFLATION BULB.

Feel free to explore this category since there are a lot of valuable products of different brands: BIOMEDEX, BYDAND MEDICAL, ECOMED, HEINE, J.A DAVEY,  MEDELEQ, WELCH ALLEN-HILLROM, ZONE MEDICAL, OMRON.


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