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Bandages as the primary means for dressing wounds simplify the provision of pre-medical medical care. Most often, they are used for injuries of various groups. Small canvases in thin strips quickly absorb moisture and have the necessary ventilation. CMS has several types of bandages:

Bandages Crepe and Heavy Crepe: Especially suitable for flexible zones and, if necessary, stable attachment. Provides a soft and comfortable bandage ideal for delicate and sensitive skin.

Bandages Conforming Gauze: Gauze tape with a loose piece of cotton wool inside. The cotton gauze bandage is intended for use in the following cases: as protection against infections spread by airborne droplets (diphtheria, scarlet fever, whooping cough, meningococcal infection and to protect the operating field during medical manipulations and surgical operations (asepsis). The length varies from 2.5 cm to 15 cm.

Bandages Tubular: Tubular bandages are medical devices made of threads containing latex and polyester fibres. The tubular mesh bandage is designed to fix compresses and dry and wet bandages. The mesh structure of the bandage provides full ventilation of the body. The materials that are part of the mesh give the necessary elasticity, due to which the applications fit well to the body and fix the bandages qualitatively. We recommend purchasing an Applicator for Tubular Finger Bandage for faster and easier use.

Capital Medical Supplies provides a wide range of bandages brands such as:  3M, AXIS PACIFIC, BSN MEDICAL-ESSITY, MOLNLYCKE,  MULTICREPE, MULTIGATE, SENTRY MEDICAL, SMITH & NEPHEW,  SUTHERLAND MEDICAL 


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