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Adhesive tapes are designed to fix bandages and close wounds. Width, length, and styles vary. Surgical tape is necessary for a first aid kit, as it is versatile and valuable. Studies have shown that healing time improves when injuries are cleaned quickly and ventilated. Hence, the tape provides a healthy airflow through the wound rather than suffocating the area. Capital Medical Supplies offers a wide range of adhesive tapes brands such as 3M, BEIERSDORF, BSN MEDICAL-ESSITY, COLOPLAST, CONVATEC, MOLNLYCKE HEALTH CARE, SMITH & NEPHEW.

Some of the benefits of these products are; ideal for solid fixation of the dressings, sports protection; firm attachment, strong suitability, easy to use; hypoallergenic; no skin irritation, allowing the skin to breathe freely and easy-to-tear. The sizes and colours vary. For example, Coban Self-Adherent Wrap comes in sizes 50MM x 2M and 75MM x 2M in tan colour.

CMS also has tapes for a particular use. For example, The Brava Elastic Tape in the C shape prevents the outer edge of the adhesive plate of the colostomy bag from peeling off, ensuring its reliable attachment to the skin. The elastic half-ring plate follows your body shape and doesn't restrict movement. The half-ring plate provides additional reliability and prolongs wearing a colostomy bag. * Extra large size of The Brava Elastic Tape is also available at CMS.

Our customers also find useful Hypafix, a self-adhesive non-woven dressing retention sheet. It's perfect for simplifying shaping around joints and body contours. Hypafix provides the patient with greater freedom of body movement and reduces the risks of accidental contamination. This product is available in the following sizes: 2.5cm x 10m, 5cm x 10m, 10cm x 10m

At the same time, LEUKO SPORTS TAPE is essential for athletes and sports physicians. It's used for taping in the McConnell technique. The solid elastic tape has an additional adhesive effect and is waterproof. This tape consists of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Moreover, the porous adhesive layer allows the skin to breathe.


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