Choosing the right stethoscope

If you need a stethoscope, choose a device that will help you work faster and better. The choice of a stethoscope is a purely individual matter and depends on the possibilities of hearing and the purposes of use. A doctor working with children may need a different stethoscope model than an adult doctor.

The perfect stethoscope is a stethoscope that provides a clear, loud sound, is comfortable, and looks great.

So, what should you pay special attention to when choosing a stethoscope so that it becomes a faithful and reliable friend in your work for many years to come.


Stethoscopes are made of various materials – plastic, aluminium, and stainless steel. Aluminium stethoscopes are lightweight but make less accurate measurements. A good stethoscope’s head should be perfectly machined stainless steel. Such a stethoscope may cost a little more, but it is necessary to fit the device tighter to the patient’s body without excess air. A stethoscope is like a drum; even a small air leak can lead to a loss of sound quality.


The membrane must be made of high-quality flexible material. The main problem of cheap stethoscopes is often the quality of the membrane (diaphragm). The denser the membrane, the higher its natural oscillation frequency and the better it transmits high-frequency sounds. In cheap stethoscopes, the diaphragm does not fit well into the body, so it is not possible to catch minor noises in the body. The ability of the nozzle on the membrane to pick up sounds is directly proportional to its diameter. A large diameter nozzle captures low frequency sounds better.

A tube

The stethoscope tube should be of thick material, preferably with a large internal double hole. It improves sound transmission and isolates external noise. The wider the tube, the better it eliminates extraneous noise. Vinyl tubes are preferable to rubber ones. Tubes with an internal diameter of 4.6 mm provide better sound transmission.

Thin tubes are more flexible, and the hole size is smaller, which is why the limitation of sound transmission, its distortion, and foreign sounds are mixed in.

The smallest length of the tubes, at which high-frequency sounds are best listened to and which does not interfere with work, is 30 cm. The best compromise between the ideal 30 centimetres and the length of conventional commercially available stethoscopes, equal to 50-55 cm, are 37.5-centimetre tubes.

Ear Tips

There are hard tips (made of plastic) and soft ones (made of rubber). The rigid tips do not change their shape, while the soft ones adjust to the shape of the external auditory canal. Rigid ear tips are usually positioned straight rather than at an angle; hence they are less convenient. Soft ear tips are much more comfortable and reliable. It’s placed in the ears slightly at an angle that ensures tightly and hermetically close auditory passages.

Now that we have figured out the components of a stethoscope let’s look at some of the most popular models.

The Littmann Classic III 

One of our bestsellers is STETHOSCOPE LITTMANN CLASSIC 3Capital Medical Supplies stocks a wide range of colours of this model, such as BlackPinkBurgundyRaspberryTurquoise and others.

The Littmann Classic III stethoscope has high acoustic sensitivity and exceptional versatility. It’s the number one choice of every medical professional.

The stethoscope design provides a solid adjustable diaphragm on each side. The new generation tube offers a longer service life due to increased skin oils and alcohol resistance. Moreover, the hearing tubes provide a comfortable fit and excellent sound insulation by replicating the anatomical structure of the auditory canal.

The Littman Cardiology IV

Another popular model is The 3M™ Littmann® Cardiology IV™ Stethoscope.

It is used to diagnose diseases in patients of any age, starting from the first year of life. Metal shackles are convenient since they fit the ear canal at the right angle. The new generation of tubes has increased resistance to skin lipids and alcohol and does not contain latex or phthalates.

It comes in various colours at Capital Medical Supplies, like Classic BlackNavy BluePlumGreen, and others.

If you’re looking for even more stethoscope models, go to the Stethoscopes & Spares category.

We are sure that you will find the most reliable and suitable stethoscope at CMS for you, your colleagues, or as a valuable gift.