Choosing the right stethoscope

If you need a stethoscope, choose a device that will help you work faster and better. The choice of a stethoscope is a purely individual matter and depends on the possibilities of hearing and the purposes of use. A doctor working with children may need a different stethoscope model than an adult doctor.

The perfect stethoscope is a stethoscope that provides a clear, loud sound, is comfortable, and looks great.

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Everything you need to know about Saturation and Pulse Oximeters

With the pandemic’s beginning, we all started using words not known before, such as “saturation”. Let’s figure out what this indicator is and how to measure it.

How to measure saturation?
What is saturation?
What oxygen level in adults’ blood is considered normal?
What are the reasons for the low oxygen levels in the blood?
What happens when oxygen becomes scarce?
Do I need to know my saturation?

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